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When is the sale?

  • The Lil’ Cherubs Committee organizes two sales a year. The Spring/Summer Sale is in early March and the Fall/Winter sale is in late August. Subscribe to get email reminders before each sale!

Where are you located?

  • Our host is Centenary Methodist Church in Danville, Kentucky. We are located at 1441 Perryville Road, Danville, KY, 40422. 

What can I find at the sale?

  • We sell pre-owned children’s goods and maternity. Children grow fast and many items have only been used a handful of times and can be priced at 1/3rd (or less) of the store price! You will find clothing sizes infant-junior, shoes, toys, books, games, furniture, bedding, halloween costumes (fall), swimwear (spring), accessories, outdoor play items, sporting equipment, and much more!

Can I shop with kids?

  • Yes! Friday and Saturday shoppers can bring in their little ones to help choose their new wardrobe and toys! Keep in mind, there is a lot of foot traffic in the building so if you can get away to shop without those little ones, it will be easier and less stressful. Photo messages and FaceTime have been proven to work great when you are shopping without those pickier ones.

  • Thursday shoppers (VOLUNTEERS AND SELLERS), we ask that you come alone. This is a safety concern as we have fewer volunteers keeping the aisles clear and children running around racks and tables in a crowded room has proven dangerous. Thank you for your consideration.

Do you take credit cards?

  • Yes! There is a 3% charge on cards. We also take cash or their checks.



How are items priced?

  • It depends on the brand and overall condition of the item. Some items are well loved and priced lower while other items may still have the original store tags and be priced slightly higher. Consignors set the price for each item they are selling.

Are prices negotiable?

  • No. We do not change the price of the seller’s items. However, some items are marked “Discount” and will sell at half price on Saturday!



Can I return an item I bought at the sale?

  • Since this is a two day sale, there is a very limited window that you may return an item. If you’ve found a preexisting stain or damage that missed inspection, or just bought something by mistake, bring said item with the original tag and we will work with you. If the sale is over (Saturday 2pm), return is then impossible.


How do I become a seller?

  • Head to the SELL page and click on “Become A Seller” to sign up!

    • Follow the registration instructions, read and sign the Consignor Agreement, and select a drop off time. If you have multiple seller numbers, you will need the same number of drop-off appointments. For example, two seller numbers will need 2 appointments times.

What can I sell in the sale?

  • Kid's clothing and shoes, toys, bedding, and equipment all sell very well in this sale. We also take junior and maternity clothing, halloween costumes, books, kid’s decor, sports equipment and even furniture! Items are checked for damage, stains, and/missing pieces before they are placed to sell. Any item that does not pass inspection will be returned to the seller who may either take the item home or chose to donate it.

How should I price my items?

  • We suggest pricing your items at 1/3 to 1/4 of what would be the full retail price. For example, if the original purchase price for an item was $20 and it is in excellent condition, then the price could be $7; if it is in good condition, the price could be $5. If you are looking for a quick way to get rid of all items, price them as low as $1.


What if my item doesn’t sell?

  • If your item does not sell and you do not want to pick it up, use the “Donate” option as you create your tags in our system. Donated items will be given to various Lil’ Cherub ministries. In the past, we have donated to schools, Pregnancy Resource Center, Red Bird Mission, churches in Eastern Ky and single parents attending Centenary’s single parent oil change event. Otherwise, the items not sold will be sorted by your seller number(s) and returned to you at the end of the sale along with a check for the items that did sell. We ask that you decide again at pick up if you want items donated. The Committee will NOT add your items to the donate list without your consent (unless it is after 5:00).

What percentage is donated?

  • Lil’ Cherubs takes 30% of each sale to donate to children’s charities. With your help, we’ve been able to raise thousands of dollars to help children and families in need!

When can I shop?

  • Sellers can shop on Thursday at 6pm, right after our volunteers!

How should I enter my inventory and label my tags?

  • All clothing must be in gender and size order. It’s best to separate girl and boy clothing into 2 piles, and then arrange each pile in order from smallest to largest. Once you have them in order, you can start to add them to your inventory on the computer. After you have entered the items, there is no way to go back and re- arrange them in order of size. Lines cannot be inserted. If you discover a few items after you have entered everything else, you can add those items at the end. (Hopefully, this feature can be changed in the future.)

  • Print your tags on sturdy card-stock paper and grab a tagging gun or some safety pins to carefully attact the tags to your items. Clear packing tape works great for toys and large items.

  • Check out some of our How-To videos for a visual. If you have addition questions about preparing your items, let us know!

How do I get paid when I sell my items?

  • At the end of the sale, you will receive a check and any unsold items. An email will be sent out when all items and checks are ready to go with a disclosed time of pick up. All items should be picked up by 5:00pm Saturday. If items are not picked up, your check will be sent to you in the mail and all unsold items will be added to the donate pile. This is also written on the seller agreement and on you inventory check-in document which you sign at drop off.

Selling FAQs


How do I become a volunteer?

  • Head to the volunteer page and click on “VOLUNTEER” to sign up!

What are the perks of becoming a volunteer?

  • Shop early! Volunteers get to shop on Thursday BEFORE the sale opens and 30 minutes early on Saturday for half-off deals! Get first choice on all items and help this amazing event work towards bettering life for children all around the world!

What is expected as a volunteer?

  • Sign up for a shift and help set up, organize, and/or tear down. Come in and grab a purple smock and start giving back! Duties may include: checking in items, organizing items, checking items for damages, helping bag items at checkout, keeping aisles clear of fallen hangers/items, etc.

  • We are 100% volunteer run and work hard to create a fun and giving environment. If you have a passion for children, service, or discount, we’d love to have you on our team! Become a super volunteer by working 3 or more shifts and shop an hour earlier than everyone!

Can I give my volunteer/seller bracelet to someone else to shop for me?

  • Yes! Just make sure you let the volunteer handing out your volunteer/seller bracelet aware of the change.


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